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We have made it our goal to manufacture high quality gaskets, deliver our products on time, and provide exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to customers in all Automobile, Marine, Earthmoving & Other industrial sectors needing standard & custom gaskets of superior workmanship. With die cutting, slitting, water jet cutting, VMC Cutting and some times manual cutting capabilities, Dev precision Engineers works with a variety of metals & other Composite materials to meet all of customers needs. We have high production rates as well as Smaller Quantiy, a short production cycle and reduction in product finishing time.

A head gasket sits between the engine block and cylinder heads and is a vital part of internal combustion engines. The gasket must perfectly fit the contours of the cylinders, the engine block and the cylinder head to ensure the engine’s efficiency and safety. Head gaskets are essential components because they prevent fuel, heat, and exhaust from escaping the combustion chamber and threatening other engine components. They also prevent inefficiencies in the combustion process, but most engineers and consumers think of efficiency as secondary to safety in an explosive reaction. If head gaskets fail, heat from the reaction can degrade other engine parts. Coolant and oil can enter the combustion chamber and mix with fuel. If these or other problems persist after a gasket fails, it can cause catastrophic engine failure. As the most critical sealing application in any engine, head gaskets are imperative to insure your motor runs correctly.

We offer gaskets In following Material

  • Composite Gasket - Composite Gasket without any coating, PTFE coated or Graphite coated, Composite + Metalic Rings
    The classic composite head gasket, generally specified for older applications, is a compressible flat gasket. It consists of a tanged metal core, onto which the composite material is rolled on both the engine block and cylinder-head sides. Metal flanges (fire rings) seal the combustion chamber and protect the composite material from overheating.
  • Metalic - Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Iron, Copper, Aluminium, Metal + Rubber
  • Non Metalic - Paper, Non-asbestos, Felt, Rubber

Our cylinder-head gaskets offer:

  • Secure, lasting macro and micro sealing
  • Protection against fuel, oil, water, and anti-freeze
  • Resistance to temperature differences and high-combustion pressures
  • Strength to compensate for component distortions
  • Shear and tensile strength in the web area
  • Effective transfer of bolt clamping forces

Our gaskets offer excellent durability and elasticity by combining:

  • Optimal sealing potential
  • Ability to seal engine designs with less than ideal bolt loads and locations
  • Extremely low compression set and torque loss
  • The preferred design when combined with Torque-to-Yield head bolts


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