Bronze Babbitt Bearing
SAE 792, SAE 794, SAE 49, SAE 12, SAE 15, SAE-783, SAE-770

Engine Bearing


We manufacture & Exports Big End & Main Journal Bearings, thrust Bearings, Washers, Pad Bearings & Special Purpose Bearing (like Turbine). We manufacture Bearings for Automobiles (Cars, Trucks, Tractors) Diesel Engines, Marine Engines, Railways (Locomotives), Earth Movers, Compressors, Generators, pumps, Homoginizer other rotating & reciprocating machinery. We manufacture in Large (Bulk) quantity as well as in small quantity (Customized). We manufacture Bimetal & Trimetal bearings and bushings by centrifugal casting, sintering and cladding Process.

We manufacture split type shell bearings in Copper-Lead alloy, aluminum-tin alloy, Babbitt Metal (White Metal), Cast aluminum, Gun Metal, Gun Metal With Babbitt Metal, bronze Bearings etc. Our Plain and flange bearing shells are manufactured by centrifugal casting, sintering and cladding processes to suit applications in engines, compressors, pumps, industrial machinery and custom design requirements. Our centrifugal casting technology enables us to produce heavy wall & flange bearings & bushings of exceptional strength.

Journal, thrust and tilting pad bearings manufactured by us find critical applications in gearboxes, turbo chargers, turbo alternators, turbo pumps and other reciprocating and rotating machinery.


Plain, Flange, Double FLange, Thin Walled, Thick Walled
Bi-metal, Tri-Metal, Babbitt Metal, Bronze Backed Babbitt Metal, AT, Cast Aluminium
Auto, Marine & Diesel Engines, Compressors, Turbines, Pumps
SAE 792, SAE 794, SAE 49, SAE 12, SAE 15, SAE-783, SAE-770 ASTM Grade1, Grade2 Nickel Genuine, Grade13, Grade 15
Mfg Process
Cladded or Sintered Strip Bearings, Centrifugal Casted
OE Quality, Easy To Fit, Custom Design and Sizes, Prompt Delivery
Outer Diameter
20 mm to 300 mm
14 mm to 180 mm
Wall Thickness
1 mm to 23 mm

Besides standard mentioned kindly find the equivelen standards of other countries or company: Steel backed Leaded Bronze: DIN CuPb10Sn, SAE797, JIS-LBC3, UNS C93700, Clevite F100, Daldo L10, D.A.B.D57, federal Mogul / Talho HF2, Glacler GGB SY, Glyco66, Miba2路1010, Kart Schmidt Ds94OS, ACL F100,SAE792 CuPb24Sn4, SAE799, RS-LBC6, DAIDO L23,JIS-LBC6, GLYCO-68, ACL-F250, SAE794 Steel backed Copper-Lead Alloy: CuPb24Sn SAE-49, ACL-F780 CuPb30, SAE-48, JIS-KJ3 Steel Backed Aluminium Tin : AlSn20Cu, SAE-783, JIS-AJL,GLYCO-74, ACL-F820 Steel Backed Lead base Babbitt: SAE 15, CLEVITE F23, FEDERAL MOGUL L 200, GLYCO 24 Steel backed Tin base Babbitt : SAE 12, CLEVITE F1, FEDERAL MOGUL B 100, GLYCO 38 Other Copper Based Alloy : CuSn6.5P0.1 Other Aluminum Based Alloy :Alsn12Si2.5Pb1.7, AlSn6Cu, AlSi11Cu, AlZn5Si1.5Cu1Pb1Mg
Alloy Form Lining Material Metal Ref. Brinell Hardness Features And Applications
Cast Babbitt Lead Based White Metal SAE-14 20 This lead base Babbitt is soft, excellent embed ability for relative applications, minimum lubrication, good resistance, low fatigue resistance and has been used for many years in lower load application.
Lead Based White Metal SAE-15 18 This lead base Babbitt has a good bearing performance, good embed ability and has been used for many years on lower load application.
Tin Based White Metal SAE-12 32 This tin base Babbitt has good sliding properties, conformability and high toughness; good embed ability suitable for high sliding velocities in the hydrodynamic range, mean load, impact stress at low frequency insensitive to reversed bending stress.
Cast Copper Lead Copper Lead SAE-793 80 Increased hardness and wear resistance. Increasing the lead content improves the tolerance of poor alignment and intermittent lubrication
Copper Lead SAE-792 85 This material is best suited for bushings and washers subjected to high impact and vibratory loads. In most cases, it operates best with hardened shaft.
Copper Lead SAE-49 60 High fatigue strength, normally plated with an overlay when used in bearing application and in this form may be operated with hard or soft shafts susceptible to corrosion by degraded oil when not overlay plated
Copper Lead SAE-794 62 High fatigue strength and shock resistance, suitable for high speed shafts, oscillating or rotating motion hard shaft desirable, normally overlay plated when used in bearing application.
Sintered Copper Lead Copper Lead SAE-792 110 This material is best suited for bushings and washers subjected to high impact and vibratory loads. In most cases, it operates best with a hardened shaft.
Copper Lead SAE-49 55 This is a bearing material designed exclusively for high load. The material is plated with a unique Tri metal overlay and nickel dam.
Copper Lead SAE-794 50 This material is employed for bushings and thrust washers applications subjected to intermediate impacts and vibratory loads. It has certain degree of embed ability and it is suitable for higher speed and load.
Clad Aluminium Aluminium Tin SAE-783 40 This has good fatigue resistance, good surface behavior and excellent corrosion resistance to with stand intermediate to heavy load of main ,con rod bearing, thrust washer and wrapped bushes for hard and soft shafts.
Cast Aluminium (Solid) Aluminium Tin SAE-770 55 -
Overlay Plating Lead Tin SAE-191 12 -
Lead Tin Copper SAE-192 14 -

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