Babbitt Marine Compressor Bush
SAE12, SAE14, SAE15, Babbitt Grade 90, Babbitt Grade 84, White Metal

Babbitt Metal Bush


We manufacture & Export Plain, Thinwalled, Cut Type as well as Flange bushings in various metals & composition. We manufacture bushings for Railways (Locomotives), Compressors, Turbines, High Pressure Pumps, homogenizer, other rotating & reciprocating machinery. We manufacture these bushings Through Centrifugal Casting which enables us to manufacture Bushings in Large (Bulk) quantity as well as in small quantity.

We manufacture Bushings From Following Material -

  • STEEL Back - SAE 1008 or SAE 1010
  • Linning Alloy - SAE12, SAE14, SAE15, GR84, GR90

These Bushings are widely used in Leaf Spring Eye / Shackle Bushings, Connecting Rod Small End Bush, Piston Pin Bushings, Valve Rocker Bushings, Piston Pin Bushings application.

Steel Backed Lead base Babbitt Alloy References: SAE 15, CLEVITE F23, FEDERAL MOGUL L 200, GLYCO 24

Steel backed Tin base Babbitt Alloy References: SAE 12, CLEVITE F1, FEDERAL MOGUL B 100, GLYCO 38

Babbitt Bush
SAE12, SAE14, SAE15, Babbitt Grade 90, Babbitt Grade 84, White Metal
Outer dia
10mm to 300mm
10mm - 150mm
Plain Bush, Thin walled, Cut Type, Flanged Bush, Thick Walled
Babbitt Visible, Fully Finish, Semi Finish, Plated Bush,
Pack Type
Individual Box, Bulk, Loose
Alloy Form Lining Material Metal Ref. Brinell Hardness Features And Applications
Cast Babbitt Lead Based White Metal SAE-14 20 This lead base Babbitt is soft, excellent embed ability for relative applications, minimum lubrication, good resistance, low fatigue resistance and has been used for many years in lower load application.
Lead Based White Metal SAE-15 18 This lead base Babbitt has a good bearing performance, good embed ability and has been used for many years on lower load application.
Tin Based White Metal SAE-12 32 This tin base Babbitt has good sliding properties, conformability and high toughness; good embed ability suitable for high sliding velocities in the hydrodynamic range, mean load, impact stress at low frequency insensitive to reversed bending stress.
Lead Tin Copper SAE-192 14 -

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