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We offer a extensive range of high quality piston pins, which find applications in diesel and industrial engines, Main Engines, industrial engines, automobiles, tractors, air & gas compressors. Piston pins offered by us are manufactured using the utmost advanced machinery to provide them precision dimensions. Further, we develop these piston pins from alloy steel of super grade (15MnCr3, 20MnCr5, etc), which ensures their reliable quality and trouble free performance. We manufacture these piston pins in different dimensions ranging. These piston pins are engineered in the hardness of 55HRC to 70HRC and can also be availed in other hardness also as per the customers' needs or OEM specifications. 

A Piston Pin is a component in all kinds of engines (diesel, gasoline, 2 stroke and 4 stroke). It functions as the linkage between the piston and its gadget and bears the twist and friction incurred by the running engine.
Mautoparts Provides a Piston Pins, Filters & Filters Assemblies, Automotive Piston Rings, Auto Piston Rings India

Gudgeon Pin is a component to fasten the Piston and the connecting rod severally and securely, but at the same time permitting enough play for the free angular movement of the connecting rod according to the requirements of kinematics of the Engine assembly. 

Other than the precision of the size, adequate heat treatment process and surface polishing grinding is also important. These processes enhance the wearing of the piston pins and require certain level of technical support.
Our company professes in providing all kinds of piston and crankshaft pins. The sizes range from 8mm to 120mm in O.D. and 15mm to 250mm in length, good for all kinds of engines including motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, tractors, boats, compressors and farm loaders.


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