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Cylinder Liners & Sleeves


We offer a high reliable range of liners & sleeves, which find applications in Marine Engines, Main Engine, industrial and diesel engine, Compressors, automobiles, tractors etc . We manufacture Liners having out side diameter up to 700 MM and maximum Length up to 1500 MM and Maximum Weight of the job up to 1000 Kg. We also accept the customized orders of our clients and manufacture these products in accordance with  the samples and drawings with the given material & coating. 

Cylinder Liners - Sleeves, made of gray cast-iron, ought to have desired casting and machining qualities, viz. strength, toughness, hardness and wear  resistance. These are mainly of two types – Dry liner-sleeves and Wet liner-sleeves. The liners-sleeves are ‘cast-in fit’, force (press) fit or slip fit. The  interference between its outer diameter and bore-hole walls depends on fit-type from 0.050 to 0.075 mm. These are available in wide range suitable for light, medium and heavy duty application.

In order to meet with industrial quality standards, we manufacture these liners & sleeves from sand casting and centrifugal casting, which enables us  to maintain the uniform hardness all over. Apart from this, we also keep into consideration various factors including distortion-less bore and low thermal expansion to meet with the requirements of our clients. These liners & sleeves are available in semi finished as well as full finished sizes. Cross honing is done on the full finished products to make the inner bore distortion-less. The inner bores are cross honned to provide maximum smoothness to the surface, that in turn reduces friction, when this inner bore is contacted with Piston Rings.

WET CYLINDER LINERS manufactured by the "CENTRIFUGAL CAST PROCESS" is acknowledged to be the best method. It possesses the  bearing metal qualities that cause skin healing after abrasion and a structure that is readily wetted by oil and retains an oil film. Corrosion resistance is  further improved by adding Chromium in the metal. 

* Centrifugally cast cylinder liners of actual quality along with precise machining.
* A very good plateau honing and cylindrical grinding that matches the geometrical parameters.
* Manufactured with chromium and nickel elements maintaining the BS4K6 material standard.
* Stringent material along with microstructure analysis of all the batches individually.
* Complete dimensional inspection of the finished components included in the process.
* Inspection of honing angle, structure and surface roughness at a random.
* Tests of profiles, tensile strength and crack detection at regular intervals in a random way.
* Manufacturing experience for the past 25 years and an expertise with single roof manufacturing outlet.
* A very wide range and suitable for up to 1500 models for worldwide cars, trucks, tractors and industrial engines.
* Can produce liners in bulk as well as small quantity in our patch production unit.

In the centrifugal casting process, the molten metal is poured into a metal mould or die which is revolving at a high speed. The centrifugal force  causes the metal to distribute itself evenly around the die. The resulting casting are of much finer grain and free from blow holes or porosity. A further  important advantage is that the impurities, being lighter than the iron, are forced centrifugally to the bore surface from which they are removed by  machining.  

# The Centrifugal Casting Liners are 10% heavier than Sand Casting Liners, because they are close grained, and hence more durable
# They increase the life span of engines by 25% to 30%
# These liners have less wear along with scuff resistance for a longer period
# They can give better life to your vehicles with moly hard rings and moly hard liners.For further detail, & Requirements feel free to Inquire us.

For further detail, & Requirements feel free to Inquire us.